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Website Designing Overview

Web Design Services For Unique & Amazing Websites

We Help Your Business With Professional Website Packed With Unique Features, Making You Sustain Online Challenges.

Planning to enhance your business? Trying to make your business look more professional? Then the website is the element you are searching for. Let Digital Legates, support your business through web design services, and get the most intuitive website as per your requirements. Our web designers are known for creating unique responsive websites. From mobile-friendly to SEO friendly, our curated sites will do the job and helps you get more online conversion through Digital Medium.

Web Design Company That Makes Your First Impression Ever Lasting

Tasks Involved In Delivering Best Website For Your Business

Website is something in which businesses invest both time and money. We respect our client’s needs and deliver them the website their business requires. For this, we follow an effective web design process to synthesize online business.

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    Identifying & Understanding Goal

    In order to create a website which can drive more traffic and sale, we try to understand the reason behind website need. We chart out the goal which our client is trying to achieve from the website. Using the goal management strategy, we plan and work accordingly.

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    Determining the Scope of Work

    Once we agree on the goals of the client business, we move to the next segment, where we determine the scope of work. Here, we will be discussing the suitable platform, features, and timeline for website designing. Further, we assign the project to our designers.

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    Mockups, Wireframe & Sitemaps

    To have a wonderful looking website, we work on the blueprint. The creative team available at Digital Legates will draft a prototype of the website as per the vision of the customer. This step also includes the integration of sitemaps to arrange internal pages.

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    Content, Media & File Integration

    In this segment of our web design process, we prepare content that will help you achieve the goals. We assist our clients in creating SEO-friendly content, media files, and with clean coding, we integrate all into a single page or multiple page business websites.

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    Enhance & Improve Visuals

    The website is the visual medium that communicates with the audience. Hence we give utmost importance to the design and looks of the website. Our skillful craftsmen of Websites place content in such a manner that it enhances the architecture of the site.

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    Beta Testing & Launching

    After the development and designing process comes to the final stage, we look for any kind of error and fix it by conducting beta testing. Once we get assured that the site is completely functional and able to be indexed, we launch the website.

Premium Website Services

Website Designing Services

From large enterprises to small SME’s, we are working in collaboration with several companies and helping them with their website related needs. We are a team that is known for delivering excellence. Either the business needs website designing or website redesign, we can be the support.

WordPress Website Designing

WordPress is the most versatile platform you can have for your website. Either you need a blogging website, or you need an ecommerce website. WordPress can be the platform that gives your easy feasibility with the website. WordPress is an open-source CMS that works on PHP in pair with MySQL or MariaDB database. Other than WordPress our designers have hands one experience for Joomla & Magento.

Ecommerce Web Designing

The selling of products has now become easy with online stores. Electronic stores or ecommerce websites are like an online version of your physical store where you have the option to sell your products at any time. The all-time availability of online Ecommerce Websites gives a boost to your business. We help you achieve sales targets by offering the best of class ecommerce website for your products.

Custom Website Designing

A custom website is the best way to maintain your business’s unique look. Depending on the specific needs of the website audience and interpretation of the client’s business, we develop custom sites that are full of unique features and solutions. Every business person who wants to become an industry leader understands how important custom websites can be in the long run and building brand unique perception online.

Why Digital Legates?

We Deliver Website To Exhibit Business

Striking deliverance of businesses demands world-class websites. At Digital Legates – Digital Marketing Agency, you can trust that the website which you will receive is going to be premium.

Our focus is not to just deliver a website, our focus is on maintaining standards, understanding needs, and deliver the site, keeping in mind for future expansions. We are the best web design company with the backing of skillful designers, innovators, and developers. Every site which we deliver is unique on its own and differs in looks and templates. From high yielding functionality to simple HTML pages, we are the artisan of Website Designing. Moreover, we have a cordial relation with every client we work with, we not only assist with the design, but we all also help you maintain the website. Our website maintenance packages are free for premium buyers, whereas the standard buyer can also avail the services at very low charges.

It is no hidden mystery that a website is vital for business success. But several websites that are present over the Web World are not able to generate sales or traffic. One reason is the absence of Digital Marketing, whereas the other reason is the crappy design and look of the site. Hence to skip the case of getting a faulty site for your esteem business, always work with the professional. We are a creative team of website designers. Using our artistic nature and innovative strategies, we deliver a website that can amaze your audience, buyers, and potential customers.


Corporate Web Design Services

India is one of the biggest markets, and with ease of doing business, the country is becoming the best place for corporate offices. If you are a big corporate giant and searching for top of a line website to give your business a catchy look over the online medium. Then digital legates are going to be that partner that can help you with grand looking websites depicting every portion of your business online.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile devices are taking over the usage of the desktop. Hence, you need to prepare for the future. If your business is still running on a website that is not mobile-friendly, then you need to act fast. Get a mobile-friendly website that can be easily accessible, on any kind of mobile device, with any screen size. The expert panel of web designers can help you blend your business on mobile responsive sites. Our created site runs smoothly on Mobile, Tablets, or any screen size.

Brand/Website Logo Designing

The logo is a graphical representation of your business name that separates you from your competitors. A simple logo can make a huge difference in the market. If you have a business that is still missing a logo, then Digital Legates Artisans can help you with the most alluring logo for your business or website. Our logo designers work on both color representation and font to get the best form of logo.

Small Business/Startup Website

Either you have a small-time business, or you are planning to have your startup. The website is the basic need that you must fulfill. Getting a website for a startup is not easy. We understand that people who have small businesses or startups are tight on budget. Therefore, if you ever need a website that can assist your business digitally, then our affordable price web design services can help.

Visual Graphics Designing

The Internet is a medium where you can share your thoughts or content in several forms. It can be textual, or it can be graphical. The motto behind sharing any information online is to engage your brand with more number of audiences. We have the most creative set of Graphic designers, which can be handy if you require banners, images, logos, videos, gifs, etc. Make your brand more engaging with visual marketing.

Website Redesigning Service

The digital world is currently in a growing stage. With each passing year, new technologies come in, making the previous one obsolete. Similarly, every website has a lifespan. Most of the site design stays attractive for not more than two years. If your website is older than two years and you are continuing with the same crappy design, it’s time you opt for the services of Website Redesigning to improve visibility.

Best Web Design Agency India

Digital Legates is transcending in the fields of Website Designing. We are helping our clients to tempt more audiences toward their business by delivering stunning websites. Reasons to select champion of creative website designing:

In websites, design plays a critical role in making the audience go aww. Hence our inventive web designers understand what online audience wants to look and create a professional-looking website accordingly.

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