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Digital Legates is top-rated Digital Marketing Company in Patna that makes business representable to the web world. We help you survive the dreaded Online Jungle and its challenges.

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Digital Legates is the most promising Digital Marketing Agency in Patna. We help emerging businesses advance themselves by becoming the leaders of their industry.

From building productive digital marketing campaigns to handling all your online promotions, we are the team you can’t resist. An increase in market competition increases the need for a trending way of promotions. Services related to the digital marketing realm are our dexterity. And digitizing businesses is our wisdom. We are a top digital marketing agency in India that can handle your brand building. Partner with us for fruitful online growth.



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Premium Digital Services

Digital Marketing Services

Traditional ways of marketing are now lagging in creating expected growth. But with the services of Digital Marketing, you can anticipate gaining a higher return over investment. Web Promotions are trending ways to capture the audience and enhance sales.

SEO Services

Ranking your business holds the ability to bring lots of traffic to the official website. That in return, helps you to increase online sales. Our organic SEO Strategies are planted as per the niche of the businesses that help the website to rank for target keyphrases.

Website Designing

As we are your Digital Representatives, similarly, the website will be your online brochure. Our creative designers and skillful developers will deliver cutting edge websites for your business. From recent technologies to the latest trends, we follow all.

Social Media

We have hands-on experience in building Social Media Exposure for several brands. Our guidance in Social Media Marketing is unmatchable, as we work hard to make your business or brand come alive on Social Media and accomplish business goals.

About Digital Legates…

Creative Digital Solutions

Sell More Products, Generate more leads, and look for opportunities with the best provider of Digital Marketing Services. Our affordable digital marketing packages and divine services can help your business to flourish on the Online Medium.

Digital Legates has its presence in India with headquarter in the capital region, Delhi as well as Patna. The mantra of our company is to help other businesses in gaining more sales, leads, profits, and opportunities. Essential Online ingredients that we use to cover advertising are

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Search Engines
  • Mobile Applications
  • Email Marketing

Performance is the only thing that matters in Digital Legates. If your business is not generating any benefits, even after spending money on its promotion then definitely you require better ways. Digital Marketing Services from us, can be your endowment, which you must give to your business. Because our 360° branding solutions make impactful stimulus over the audience present online, and eventually, your business will start to receive more queries and impressions.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of making your website rank on searches made for queries relevant to the business. We perform tasks of organic SEO and explain google about the purpose of your website and why Google should show your business to the online searching audience.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a way of tuning your Social Media Business Profile. SMO varies from business to business. Based on your business scope, our digital marketing agency in India opt for relevant Social Media sites and start promoting your brand over them so that millions of users can get connected with you.

Online Reputation (ORM)

Online Reputation Management (ORM) services keep your businesses shielded from the negative branding of competitors. At Digital Legates, we not only help to promote a brand, but we also help to maintain the brand name. Our ORM experts do thorough research and eliminate all malicious nexus.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is also known as a paid advertisement. Various Online Platforms gives options to advertise businesses, where they charge some amount for all the referral made via their website. We provide the service of PPC with caution and complete focus on generating high ROI.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is substantial for eCommerce business. If you have high client records, use them for advertising and sharing content. Marketing via email is the right choice for business which try to sell new products and models to the existing customer, as well as use it to create more customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a practice using which you can promote your brand, business, products, or services over social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. through sponsored ads. We prepare and deliver rich social media paid campaigns.

Content Marketing

Communication is the key to branding. Results for businesses depend on the way of communication. Content Marketing is one such interest-driven way of establishing a connection. Via tempting content and fascinating titles, you can instantly charm the audience to connect with your brand. Blogging and PR are the best ways.

Influencer Marketing

Social Media has made several new influencers in today’s scenario. It is currently a new way of branding, but then also the conversion rate is pretty high. Hence if you want social media influencer to endorse your brands, we can get a deal for you. We work on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, and not to miss Instagram.

Amazon Marketing

Selling your product using the platform of Amazon is a great way. But with the easiness of platform comes the complexes of gaining attention, building name, and the most important enhancing sales. Without proper digitization, your product will not be visible to the users of Amazon. Hence we can assist you in boosting your trade on Amazon.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in India that serves every industry.

1,200+ Successful Campaigns!

For past decades we are serving clients globally, and working with them side by side irrespective of the industry they are from.

Our digital marketers are working tirelessly to promote every kind of business


Accomplished Projects


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E-commerce Solution

Encouraging eStore is our motto, and we help several eCommerce businesses to generate sales from their eCommerce website. Based on audience preferences, we develop campaigns to promote eCommerce brands.

Tours & Travels

With Integrated Digital Marketing solutions, we help tour and travel agencies to build a good reputation online. Eventually, powerpack branding and fame can bring lots of travelers to your travel company websites.

Health Sector

Hospitals, clinics, surgeons, nutritionists, dieticians, and doctors all can be lifesaving. But with no knowledge of the patient’s things can fall apart. We help you grow online by connecting you to people searching online.

Award Winning Digital Marketing Firm

Digital Legates is trusted by the world’s best organizations. For several years we are endorsing brands to deliver outcomes that result in a higher growth rate.

Two Major Versions Of

Digital Marketing Services

One can promote its brand on the internet using organic methods whereas paid methods. Our Digital Marketing Company has expertise in handling numerous media marketing campaigns of both versions. We emphasize Return Over Investment when it comes to paid promotions.

The organic segment of Digital Marketing includes services of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Optimization, Online Reputation Management, and content sharing. An organic way of doing branding however takes time, but if done properly then, in the long run, they are the most sustainable way of business growth.

Search Engine Optimization is a way via which the team present at Digital Legates improves the website ranking over search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for relevant Key phrases.

Whereas in Social Media Optimization, the team will manage business accounts present over social media. By submitting cool posts and result-driven content. However, if you are in a hurry of gaining high ROI, then you can go with the paid version.

Satisfied Clients All Over The World

Our Digital Marketing Company in India has a reputation which is untamed and all our customers believe in us. We only offer performance-driven and revenue-focused services. Reasons to partner with us for online marketing services

We are a team of Digital Marketing technocrats, working side by side with hundreds of businesses, to get them on top of their specific industry.

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