Using Great Contents and powerful Links as fertilizers, we grow our client website ranking on Search Engine. Business-oriented SEO Campaigns of Digital Legates furnishes great organic ranking. Hire a professional team for Growth Centric SEO Services.

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Get Top Ranks on Google with SEO Services in India

Search Engine Optimization is not a secret today. Every online business knows that SEO is a Pandora box, that can either lift the business, or it can make you lose some money. At Digital Legates, we believe in White Hat SEO, and sustainable ranking is our specialty. We never guarantee that we rank a site in a few days, weeks, or months. But we do increase the number of opportunities and organic traffic over the website. Based on ethical ways, we optimize the website. Our SEO Methodologies, make Google realize the purpose of the site. We amplify the site performance over the World Wide Web, which incites Google to give us the top slots on their Search Engine Result Page. From tradition link building approaches to the latest Content Sharing Trends, we follow all to achieve the goals of SEO.


Website Audit

The very first process of our SEO services is to perform Website Audit. There are two sections of audit one is technical, and the other is content. In the technical segment, we look for elements of site affecting SEO performance, whereas we upgrade, edit, and rewrite content via content audit.

Technical SEO

SEO Team of Digital Legates performs meticulous scrutiny of the client’s business performance Online. Our next step is to look into the technical aspects of like Index Status, Crawl Errors, Broken Links, Sitemaps, Internal Links, Redirects, and Page Speed. Fixing all these improve the site performance.

Keyword Research

SEO not only means good rank, but it also means sustainable business. Ranking of a website for relevant keywords can only produce good business, whereas ranking it for unpopular keywords is a waste of resources. Hence we prepare a list of keywords that can bring potential customers to the site.

Content Optimization

Content Strategy is like the soul of SEO. Great content always brings great readers, and eventually, they convert to great customers. Our productive team of content curators prepares content that urges the audience to read more and stimulate the search engine algorithm to rank the site higher.

Link Building

Those who are in the sector of SEO Services must know the importance of Link Building. High authoritative links are like the backup plans for top SERP rankings. Backlinks are the best way to demonstrate the authority, relevance, trust, and uniqueness of your website and the information it carries.

Ranking Report

Being India’s most respected SEO Company, we believe that every report we prepare must show the excellence we hold. Hence we work ethically to formulate great business prospects for our client. Our Ranking Report is the insight of tasks we performed and the spots we achieved for the client.

Traffic Driven SEO Services Bundle Contains

Ecommerce SEO

eStores are currently the best-selling platforms for the product-based industry. But without the SEO of an ecommerce Website, no one can hope for a huge sale. Organic exposure is indeed the most important need for an ecommerce business. We are the best optimization master for an ecommerce industry. Product page to cart page we amplify all for enhancing rank and sells.

Local Store SEO

If your business is not big enough to fall into the category of Ecommerce, then also we are here to support your local store. By placing your offline shops over the map and using a demographical strategy to lure customers, we deliver all. Moreover, several restaurants, pubs, hotels, grocery, and clothing stores indulge with us for Local SEO.

App Store SEO

We are living in the era of Mobile Devices, where mobile use is dominating the desktop usage. Hence if your business is investing in Mobile Application, then it means you are going to survive the market competition. But don’t lag by not opting for ASO. Because App Store Optimization is the booster that increases the number of active users and downloads.

National SEO

Several businesses from big corporate opt for National SEO, as they want to widespread their brand name. Most of the businesses are, however, ecommerce business or service-based business. Having an elite business requires elite partners, and we are here to support you. Embedding your name on Google Searches is easy if you hire Digital Legates as an SEO partner.

Google Penalty Recovery

It’s important to track the record of SEO you have done on the website. In the past, we have seen several Algorithm changes by Search Engines. In case your website lost ranking because of Panda, Penguin, or the latest Maverick updates. Our Google Penalty Recovery services can support to reclaim those lost ranking by dropping the penalties through white label SEO tricks.

Voice Search SEO

Belonging to the Digital Marketing Ecosystem, we understand that changes are inevitable. After the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the search engine, we are now seeing different ways of searching and acquiring results. Voice search is among one of those advancements. We optimize our client website such that Google Assistant uses them as reference for showing results.

Online PR

Press Releases are one of the most intensive ways of gaining trustworthiness. We help our clients to build a solid bond with Customers available Online. Our PR team has a brilliant understanding of content outreach. From online publishing houses to authors and bloggers, we endorse our client business through yielding enlightening press releases.

Link Building

Creating link juice is of utmost importance if you have a content-based website. The services of link building are highly debatable in the SEO community. But for us, it is still a great source of publicity. Having High Domain Authority Links give a good impression when it comes to Google Parameters for SEO Ranking. Quality is what we focus on, and greatness is what we achieve.

SEO Consultation

Creating link juices are vital if you have a content-based website. Services of Link building are highly debatable in the SEO community. But for us, it is still a great source of publicity. High Domain Authority Links give good impression when it comes to Google Parameters for SEO Ranking. Quality is what we focus on, and greatness is what we achieve.

Enhance Search Exposure With Ethical SEO

Since we are competing for Top Slots of Search Results, you need the assistance of Top Digital Marketing Company to achieve the goal. We at Digital Legates call ourselves the warriors of ethical SEO. Because we know every bit of white label SEO and follow all recent updates and guidelines of Google Algorithms. We encircle our SEO activities only to provoke Google to give our client Top Rankings. Moreover, our budgetary SEO packages are suitable for every nature of the business, ranging from a small, medium, or corporate level. SEO experts present in our team create powerful Digital Thumbprints for your website.


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Our SEO company is based in Patna, India. But we serve all around the globe. Digital Legates believes that SEO can not be restricted to a location, either you are in the US, UK, Canada, Dubai, or Australia we can be your best assistance for Search Engine Optimization. We have the past 4 years of experience in working with multilingual clients. Therefore, hesitate not to contact us if you are not an English lingual based business. Some of the most prominent places we are working in: