Complete Business Site Solution at Affordable Web Design Package

Digital Legates is offering the best and most budget-friendly Website Design Package you will find from any agency. Depending on the requirement of your business and needs, we will be delivering website at best price. Website are the very first reflection of your business on the online podium, hence we create stunning website which can have a lasting impression forever. Some of the major kind of website designing services to look for:

Business Website Design Package

Startup Website Design Package

Website Redesigning Package

eCommerce Website Design Package

WordPress Site Design Package

Website Maintenance Package

web design packages

Website Design & Development Package in India

Undoubtedly your business needs a website if you are still working traditionally. No one likes to leave behind in generating profits and sales. And website is currently the hottest medium to sell your goods and services to online audience with ease. But for that, the biggest need is to have a wonderfully designed website which are loaded with most trending features and an amazing user experience. Website is not just an online representation of your business, it is your marketing and communicating channel with online users too. In current times flyers are not much efficient neither are the billboards, so the best way to market your services is to place them online via website and start promoting website using extensive marketplaces such as social media and search engine platforms.

Price List of Web Design Packages to Pick From

Web Design


Home Page Design

Brand Logo Design

Additional Pages (Services/ Product)

Responsive Design

Contact Form Setup

Interactive Slider

Basic SEO Integration

Social Media Integration

Call To Action Setup

Self Managed Webpage

Dynamic Website

Domain (1st Year)

Hosting (1st Year)

Analytics Setup



5 Pages

Shared Hosting



10 Pages

Cloud Hosting



30 Pages

Cloud Hosting

Why Select Digital Legates for Website Design Plan?

No one wants to invest money into sites which are not profitable, hence we deliver website that actually gives boost to your business. We not only offer same things like online awareness and all, but we also integrate basic SEO into the site so that you can effectively brand them further. Or in case, you want to have professional help with Search Engine Optimization of your website, then our expertise and cost-effective SEO packages are great deals.

Digital Legates is not just some brand name in website designing and deliverance, we are proud partners of some of the greatest projects. The name Digital Legates stands for Digital Representation, and with the digitalization of every sector, we are leveraging it for creating more robust ecosystem for businesses to function online with a powerful and featured website.

Every website development package in India is going to help you with website, but we give something extra, we actually create your brand more visible.

We never provide similar templates, all our website are built as per the business needs and every one of them are going to be distinct.

Now coming to the price, the website pricing in India can even go low to ₹5000, but they are never up to the standard and even hurt the brand image.

Our charges for website designing start at ₹11,000 which is optimal but you can also have us on custom package. The web design prices which we quote are neither hefty for a startup nor too cheap for reputed business.

Factors That Effects Website Cost:

  • Looks and representation of the website
  • Number of pages to include in the website
  • Types of Website (Static or Dynamic) Static sites are cheaper in comparison to dynamic sites.
  • Platform (WordPress, Zoomla, PHP, Custom, Shopify) you select for Website Designing
  • Content on your website (Content can either be provided by client or agency charges some amount for content writing)
  • CMS compatibilities are also a reason that influences website costing.
  • Integration of online payment systems or some other advanced system is also a reason for website pricing.
  • Website price varies from website creativity and functionality.

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