The Role of Local SEO for Patna’s Businesses

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to optimizing your online listings and website content to rank higher when customers search for businesses like yours in Patna.

For example, when someone searches for “wedding photography Patna” or “salons near Dak Bungalow road”, the goal is to show up on the first page for those local searches.

This is different from trying to rank nationally for something very broad like “best wedding photographers in India”. Local SEO has a more narrow and targeted geographical focus.

Why Patna Businesses Should Care About Local SEO?

Here are 5 key reasons why ranking better locally should be a priority:

  1. 53% of mobile Google searches are to discover local businesses, products and services. Catering to this demand through local SEO helps you tap into a huge customer base.
  2. There is much less competition when targeting neighborhood searches like “car service in Boring Road” compared to wider keywords. Easier to rank locally.
  3. Surveys show 7 out of 10 customers prefer buying from a local business in Patna rather than one with no area presence. Local SEO builds on this.
  4. Positive local reviews and word-of-mouth at scale can establish you as a reputed area business. This drives recurring sales through referrals.
  5. National level competitors often ignore optimizing for micro-local searches. This leaves an opportunity for smaller businesses to fill the gap.

Optimizing for Local SEO

Here are 5 key things to focus on:

Google My Business

This free tool allows you to create an online listing that shows prominently for local searches connected to your business name, products or services.

Keep your GMB listing complete and updated with accurate details like full address, area served, photos and opening hours. This signals Google that your business genuinely exists in Patna to serve local customers.

Create a complete Google My Business profile with accurate details like full address, opening hours etc.

For example, a restaurant would list its exact Patna address, operational timings, phone number, menu details, price range, cuisine, meal options, photos of the place and actual guests.

The more exhaustive the listing, the better it ranks locally.

Citations and Directory Listings

Citations refer to mentions of your business name, address and phone number on directories, review sites and niche listing platforms relevant to your industry.

Examples are JustDial, AskLaila, Practo and Zomato. The more citations you have which align exactly with your Business Name, Address and Number as mentioned on Google My Business, the better it is for establishing local relevance.

Website Optimization

Your website content should reflect Patna and the surrounding regions you serve. Ideal to have Patna address prominently on the Contact Us page. List the specific neighborhoods, landmarks and pin codes you are accessible in.

Use relevant local keywords in page titles, content, alt text and metadata. This signals to Google your intent to rank for searches by local customers.

A home tuition business would target areas, landmarks and pincodes in Patna prominently throughout the website to show local intent.

Customer Reviews

Reviews on Google, Facebook and relevant directories like Practo, burrp! etc build credibility. Ask customers to leave feedback after availing your goods/services. Respond to each review politely. Offer small promos for written reviews.

For instance, an appliance store could incentivize buyers to leave reviews about their purchase experience online.

Local Paid Ads

Run paid ads on Google/Facebook targeting people within a few kilometers of your store location. Track phone calls and store visits to see which ads give the best return on investment. Refresh creatives every 2 weeks for continued visibility.

Example would be a bakery advertising only to folks within a 5 km radius in Patna by location precision.

Tracking phone calls, store visits and revenue metrics for these hyperlocal ads gives the ROI.

Core Local Ranking Signals

While executing local SEO, keep these key optimization factors in mind:

  • Proximity of business location to what searcher types as area/location.
  • Prominence of business name, address and contact info on all listings and platforms.
  • Positive mentions, reviews and recommendations by local customers from Patna. This establishes area authority and trust.
  • Contextual signals like locally optimized website and landing pages, location tags for images/content.
  • Tracking phone calls and store visits driven by local SEO. Prioritize efforts bringing maximum offline sales.


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