Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in Bihar in 2023

The digital marketing landscape in Bihar has evolved rapidly over the past few years. More companies are now investing in digital channels to promote their products and services. Businesses have realized the potential of reaching out to internet users in the state through focused digital campaigns.

Bihar is still a developing market when it comes to digital maturity. Internet penetration in the state is lower compared to the national average. However, increasing smartphone adoption and availability of cheap data plans have led to steady growth in the number of internet users. This presents a significant opportunity for businesses to expand their customer base by utilizing the right digital marketing strategies.

This blog post will discuss the top digital marketing trends that are expected to shape customer engagement and brand promotion in Bihar in 2023. Understanding and adapting to these trends can help companies effectively reach out to their target audience in the state.

Increased Focus on Video Marketing

Video content has become extremely popular across digital platforms. Short videos, in particular, allow brands to creatively showcase their products and tell compelling brand stories. Video marketing will emerge as a top trend in Bihar in 2023.

Video platforms like Moj, Josh, MX TakaTak, Roposo etc. have gained tremendous traction among internet users in small towns and rural areas of Bihar. These platforms are focused on short videos, typically less than 30 seconds. Brands can leverage this trend by creating fun, relatable and hyperlocal video content tailored for such apps. Videos in local dialects and languages can help brands connect authentically with audiences across Bihar.

YouTube advertising is also gaining popularity in the state. YouTube masthead ads provide an immersive experience on desktop and mobile devices. Such high-impact video ads can help drive brand awareness and recall. Brands should tap into the reach of YouTube to get their video content and ads in front of relevant audiences.

Overall, video content localized for the Bihar market and distributed smartly across platforms can emerge as a game changer for digital marketing success in the state.

Rise of Regional Language Internet Users

A majority of new internet users in Bihar are comfortable accessing online content in Hindi or local dialects like Bhojpuri and Magahi. Vernacular internet consumption is on the rise. By creating digital content in local languages, brands can resonate better with audiences across Bihar.

As per recent reports, nearly 90% of new internet users in Bihar prefer content in Hindi or regional languages. Digital marketing campaigns focused on hyperlocal vernacular content can thus achieve greater engagement. Brands that communicate in local languages come across as more approachable.

Platforms like DailyHunt and Pratilipi have a strong user base in Bihar consuming content in regional languages. Brands can also leverage ShareChat for participating in relevant local conversations. So vernacular content creation and marketing will be crucial for brand building in 2023.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have significant user bases in urban centers of Bihar. However, small towns and rural areas are driving the next wave of growth. As affordable smartphones and data plans penetrate deeper, more people are coming online daily across Bihar.

Brands need to amplify their regional social media presence. Creating content specifically tailored for each platform can drive better engagement. For example, Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories work well for short videos. WhatsApp forums allow brands to directly interact with users.

Influencer marketing on social media is also gaining prominence in Bihar. Micro and nano influencers with a strong regional presence can add credibility to campaigns. Their impact often outweighs celebrity influencers for driving conversions and sales. Hence marketers should explore quality influencer partnerships next year.

Growth of Digital Payments

Digital payments have accelerated rapidly across India spurred by government initiatives and technological advancements. Bihar too has witnessed massive growth. From metros to small towns, more people now prefer the ease and security of digital payments.

To tap into this trend, brands need to ensure seamless payment experiences on their websites and apps. Integrating UPI or popular payment wallets provides convenience to customers. Offering discounts or cashbacks on digital payments can attract sales in Bihar.

Tie-ups with payment gateways like Paytm and local providers like Eko can drive adoption. Smooth digital payment experiences combined with regional language interfaces can make the process seamless for new internet users across demographics. Hence, marketers need to ramp up their digital payment infrastructure to appeal to evolving consumer preferences.

Personalization and Segmentation

As digital marketing evolves, brands need to make their communication more targeted and personalized. Leveraging customer data to segment audiences and tailor messaging will be key.

For instance, identifying the interests and preferences of each user allows brands to send relevant content. Creating customer personas can help shape promotional campaigns and product recommendations. Sending personalized emails or push notifications is possible by integrating marketing automation tools.

Likewise, targeted social media advertising to specific demographics and hyperlocal audiences will improve results. Dynamic content optimization also enables real-time customization of landing pages.

Overall, leveraging user data, technology and analytics to create highly personalized digital experiences across platforms should be a priority for marketers in 2023. Getting segmentation and personalization right will drive greater ROI from digital marketing budgets.


Bihar holds immense potential as a growing digital marketing destination. The state’s internet user base is expanding briskly beyond metros into untapped areas. As connectivity improves and data costs reduce, millions of new audiences will come online in 2023.

Brands that adapt their digital strategies based on these emerging trends will find an engaged customer base. Video content, vernacular presence, social media reach, digital payments and sharp personalization should be the focus areas. Companies that provide localized and relevant digital experiences are best positioned to dominate the Bihar market in the coming year.

The time is right for businesses to realign their digital marketing approach in the state. By implementing the trends and best practices outlined in this article, marketers can gain a competitive edge. Companies that act now have the opportunity to acquire new customers, drive brand awareness and establish category leadership through result-driven digital marketing in Bihar in 2023.

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