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Result Oriented Facebook Marketing Services

Digital Legates helps business to grow on Facebook Platform using paid advertisements.

Facebook Marketing Services of Digital Legates involves creating, managing, and maintaining the business or brand profile on Facebook. We help in creating a powerful awareness using media banners, which eventually leads to bringing more sales and prospects for brands. Using the Marketing Platform of Facebook, we build brand appearance, which is strong enough to generate sales.

FB ads to boost business, brand, products, services leads

Facebook branding to improve visibility

As a company that is involved in Facebook Advertisements, we are in collaboration with hundreds of companies and work with them for generating optimum results using Facebook sponsored advertisements.

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    Research & Planning

    Every business is nowadays using Facebook to generate some awareness, but without a full proof plan, it is not possible to get the most from FB. Hence the very first stereo we take at our FB advertisement Agency is to generate marketing plans. We connect with business owners to understand their products and prepare the strategies as per the targeted audience.

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    Launch FB Account

    Still, some brands or businesses don’t have any social media presence. Therefore before the start of the Facebook ad, we help clients to build their Facebook business page, which highlights the product and services the brand has to offer. Every marketing expert says FB has billion of active users, which makes it a great marketing platform for a company in India.

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    Managing the Account

    Running ads on social media platforms is not an easy task; it requires specific skill sets and knowledge. No one wants to waste any money on resultless ads, hence to bring potential customers to the brand, we use proper banners and texts to increase the conversion rate. Depending on the Facebook marketing packages, we build the campaign.

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    Report Back To User

    Every user spends money and hopes for a high return over investment. Associating with our organization can take away the worries of the client regarding outcomes. At the end of every campaign, we generate a report with complete details of money spend and even showcase the information like impression, clicks, conversion rates, and future aspects.


FB Management

We use the Facebook business page to initially built a small presence, but with FB advertising, we unleash the full potential of social media, most specifically Facebook.

Real Engagement

Creating genuine engagement of the audience is the foremost need of businesses. Using informative banners, we seduce the audience to make a purchase.

Raise Awareness

Digital Legates know the significance of brand awareness. Hence we are helping several segments of businesses to get excellent brand awareness with ease.

Likes & Shares

Several brands out there see the need to get viral. Our service also includes paid likes on business pages, which helps the brand to get an organic promotion.

Generate Prospects

Leads are the most substantial thing in Facebook advertisements. We help businesses with enough lead generation to surpass all their previous ROI with other agencies.

Boost in Traffic

Boost in traffic helps in the ranking, as the best Facebook marketing company diverts the traffic from Social media to the official website using advertisements.

Best Facebook Marketing Company

Our FB Ad agency uses an intelligent advertisement strategy and measurable ROI methods to create robust marketing campaigns.

Running Facebook pages can be easy, but running it in full capacity to bring clients and readers from Facebook page to website is tough. Hence expert team is the least requirement to run successful FB campaigns. Digital legates Offer the best of the best SMM experts in the industry of Social Media Marketing. All our employees related to Facebook advertising are professional and have hands-on knowledge.

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